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1Recruitment 2017-18 updated<p>HE Album 1</p>
2eligible extension lecturers<p>HE Album 1</p>
3eligible extension lecturers<p>HE Album 1</p>
4Application form for Authentication of Original Education Qualification Dated 29-08-2017<p>HE Album 1</p>
51st Merit List of BA1st<p>HE Album 1</p>
6BA 1st Merit List<p>HE Album 1</p>
7UG Merit List BCom<p>HE Album 1</p>
8First Merit list BA - I Girls<p>HE Album 1</p>
9EOI to manage and setup Startup Incubator cum center of excellence at Government College Panchkula catering to four Government colleges falling in District of Panchkula dated 14-06-2017<p>HE Album 1</p>
10Online Admission<p>HE Album 1</p>
11Campus Buzz of Govt College Sec-1 Panchkula<p>HE Album 1</p>
12Road Safety Manual in Hindi<p>HE Album 1</p>
13Road Safety Manual in English<p>HE Album 1</p>
14Notification of Affiliation of Textile Institute of Technology and Science Bhiwani with the University dated 19-02-2016<p>HE Album 1</p>
15Seniority List of GC Teaching staff<p>HE Album 1</p>
16SPIO and FAA in Govt and added Collges<p>HE Album 1</p>
17Hostel Rules and Guidelines for Government Colleges<p>HE Album 1</p>
18Appointment Order3 13_DEC_2014<p>HE Album 1</p>
19Appointment Order2 13_DEC_2014<p>HE Album 1</p>
20Appointment Order1 13_DEC_2014<p>HE Album 1</p>
21Loan and Advances application form for Vehical<p>HE Album 1</p>
22Loan and Advances application form for Medical<p>HE Album 1</p>
23Loan and Advances application form for Marriage<p>HE Album 1</p>
24Loan and Advances application form for House<p>HE Album 1</p>
25Loan and Advances application form for Computer<p>HE Album 1</p>
26Corrigendum against vide order KW19-3-2013 Admin I<p>HE Album 1</p>
27Application form for Issuing Certificate for Passport and Visa <p>HE Album 1</p>
28Policy of Allowing MEd Course in Self Financing BEd Colleges<p>HE Album 1</p>
29Resignation Order Dharmender 4-9-14<p>HE Album 1</p>
30Retirement Order Spna Mata 4-9-14<p>HE Album 1</p>
31Appointment orders of assistant Professors<p>HE Album 1</p>
32Appointment Letter Harpal LA<p>HE Album 1</p>
33Appointment Letter Jai Bhagwan LA<p>HE Album 1</p>